Who are we?

SuperyachtME is a global "Marketing & Reporting" group, primarily focused on next generation technologies and the advancement of new ideas within the high production Superyacht industry.

  • Initially established within Monaco in 2009 as an international independent advisory review board, reporting to advanced shipbuilding communities on the potentials and limitations in Sound Damping and Thermal Insulation solutions.
  • Built upon years of prior experience witnessing every level of product demo, application, specification, presentation and approval processing within global high production superyacht, luxury submarines and military shipbuilding communities.
  • Available to provide manufacturing review services and marketing education for technical product introductions within international high production superyacht, submarine, military, industrial and commercial industries.
  • An independent reporting group developed to reset the button for customers when making choices in superyacht products, services and solution consultants. 
  • Futurist, creating new ideas in conceptual designing for the better benefit of advancing Superyacht, Submarine and Military shipbuilding frame of minds.
  • Creative Consulting while also bringing education and uniformity when presenting to the forefront doorstep of manufacturers, distributions, agents, representatives and importer exporters.
  • Global “Marketing & Reporting” group primarily focused upon the proper specification & approvals in New Superyacht & Submarine Designs, Research Submersible Technologies, Sound Reduction & Thermal Insulation, Noise & Vibration Analysis, and 3D Design & Engineering Software Solutions.
  • We will independently evaluate and globally report various innovative products, design & engineering services available on an international table. Based upon viable certifications, approvals, testing and experience; recommendations will be provided to our customers and suppliers on applicable projects and applications available for specification within the open Global Shipbuilding, Research & Exploration, Submarine, Oil & Gas, Offshore Marine, Transportation and Energy Markets.
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